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Email and newsletter automation

I’m sure that people running a business have many priorities that they need to tend to. Keeping individual track of emails and newsletters can be quite a daunting task on top of whatever else needs to be done. 

Thankfully, there is a way to make sending emails one less priority. If you have seen some of the grammar, sentence structure and spelling from some bots in Instagram and YouTube comment sections, it can be hard to imagine a world with automated copywriting that actually makes sense. Emails will still need to be written by a human, but you will only need to write it once and have the AI do the distribution. 

Let’s say you are trying to sell something. Interacting with clients in a business can be super important to make them feel like they matter, and their money is being used well. It’s important for it to happen in a timely fashion, and you can set the email to be fired away in a set time frame. Here are a few examples of emails that can be automated:

Welcome email

Being friendly when welcoming new people that subscribe to the email list could increase the chances of them making a purchase. As a gift during the Welcome email, you could send a special offer for subscribers. It should be as visually appealing as possible, and have a good call to action as well.

Through the Welcome email, you could also send a “next steps” feature to get people to continue on with further action instead of just stopping there. You could once again show their login and email to confirm, and give them things to look at such as basic tutorials.

Free trial

By handing out a free trial via automation, that can give a possible client a chance to dip their toe in the water before committing to a full purchase. Think of those annoying hand cream salespeople at the mall who give you a sample of whatever they are trying to sell to show how it can work. Also, at Costco there are small free food samples. Some people may not be comfortable committing to a purchase until they have an idea of what it is all about. 


Discounts are certainly appealing, and people may wait until a discount is available instead of purchasing at full value. By notifying subscribers of discounts, that may intrigue them enough to act now and make a purchase while the opportunity is there. Saying that the discount is only available for a limited time creates a scarcity mindset and a sense of urgency to get the job done now. 

Missing steps

When someone forgot a key part of the process such as creating an account but no campaign or list, you can automate an email to them to prompt further action to get it solved. There could be a non-sketchy link to take you to a place to get the job done.

Gathering feedback

Getting feedback is important, as you can know where things need to be improved. How do you know what you are doing wrong if you do not ask? 

You would want to know exactly what your customers want, so you can create for them. Do not be afraid to just get to the point and ask directly. 


Customer retention is important, as losing them means less business to be done. If people are not aware that their subscription is about to run out, then that is a problem. A good benchmark to send out an expiration email would be maybe a week before the deadline so they have time to consider if they want to renew. 

Birthday emails

You are more than welcome to give people a birthday present or two. Your customers can be almost like a family, and we may want to give them a present to reward them for sticking around. 

It does not have to be a particular birthday, but perhaps an anniversary. Reddit for example has “cake days” which is pretty much your Reddit birthday or anniversary of when you signed up for your account. Also, wedding anniversaries or pet adoption anniversaries can give people an extra chance to celebrate. The more the merrier I suppose. 

Regular reminders

Let’s say you are working with some sort of life coach. You will probably have appointments every week or so, and emails will be sent just as a reminder. People may have countless other things to worry about in their personal lives, so having consistent reminders can help keep them around and engaged. 

Promoting blog posts

Blogs can help teach people something that may just come in handy, and it is something that some business owners do include in their website. 

We are not going to go too in depth about how to write a blog in this post, but once one is posted you could set up a system to make it automatically emailed out without having to think about it. 

Looking for more things to include when automating emails? Get in touch!

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