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No location, no problem!

Listing your business on Google My Business without a physical location.

Google my business (GMB), what used to be called Google places is Google’s platform for displaying information on businesses on maps.

Your GMB page will have information about your business – Name, Address, Phone (also known as NAP), and additional business information, which will notify users looking for businesses on Google search and Google maps. Naturally, brick and mortar businesses will have a clear address for customers to find and walk into their shop, be it a deli, barber, car wash or accountant.

But what happens when you don’t have a physical address? Maybe you are a consultant, a plumber or electrician, or a locksmith doing house calls and don’t have a physical address for your business?

There is a solution:
While you do need to associate your business to a physical address, this is done so Google can send you a postcard with your verification code, when creating your Google My Business page, there is an option not to enter a location for your business and to not display your physical address.

Here’s how:

When creating your Google My Business, go to “manage” and fill your business details as usual.

You will be asked to fill in a business address. As you are a “Service area business”, no need to enter an address of a storefront. Once you select that you do not want to add a location, you will have an option to hide your address so it’s not shown in your public listing.

Google my business location

Next, Google will ask you to set a service area for your business. Here you can add as much or as little depending on the area of service that your business serves.

Google my business location

You will need to enter your mailing address so Google can send to you the verification code.

Google my business location

After this step, you continue to fill out your GMB business details as usual.

That’s it! Now you know how to create your Google My Business page even if your business does not have a physical address.
Some business owners were not aware of the “Service area option”  and left their business out of GMB. Now that you know this, your business will improve it’s presence on Google search pulling in more clients to your business.

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