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Our website under Corona’s cloud

At this period in time, where there are more unknowns in our personal life as well as in our business, we need to adjust.
Our business might not get as much sales or get a hit, our services might not be in high demand at this time. As an old Chinese saying goes, a crisis is also an opportunity, an opportunity to invest time and marketing efforts in our business, things that at normal days we tend to neglect.
I wanted to write about 4 things you can do today and will be an advantage for you and your business once things get back on track (they will, right?).

  1. Write a blog post / article – when was the last time you wrote about a product or service which you offer? Writing a 300-500 word article about your business and the way you can be of service to your customers can help significantly with your Google rankings. Even if today the amount of searches can be low, when business is back, the searches will be back to and then – they will find you! Create a weekly plan for creating one post a week, and in a couple of months you will have 8 new posts in your website – probably significantly more than your competition.

  2. Google My Business – have you heard about this amazing (free) service from Google? It’s an excellent tool to promote your business with the world’s largest search engine. Google enables businesses owners to create a listing of their business to market, brand  and promote their business b creating a listing with photos, reviews, Q&A’s and much more. I’ve written about it here and here – it’s a gem – you are missing out if you are not utilizing this for your business.

  3. Get in touch with your customers and clients – by using one of the best ROI solutions out there – newsletter marketing.
    The newsletter is an excellent tool for keeping in touch with your current clients and prospects (consumers who have shown interest in your business but are not yet clients). Send them an email that you are still around, write about educational, helpful and useful content. Utilize the article and posts you published in your website (item 1 above), and send it with your newsletter. When things get back to normal and people are ready to do business again, they will remember your efforts and get back to you, maybe even before the crisis is over.
    Read more about why newsletters are so important to your business.

  4. Social media – when we are home and in quarantine, watching after our kids, our screen time and social media time increases. It’s a great opportunity to improve our social media skills and reach out to consumers with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. Whichever social media platform you feel best using. Share a blog post you wrote, a short tip or a photo or video of your product or service. Tip: don’t try overwhelming and using too many social media platforms, but choose 1-3 which you can commit to.

If you have any questions or remarks about any of these, please feel free to get in touch.
Keep safe and healthy,

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