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Skills: Design, Development, Maintenance
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Field: Architecture

CMD Architectural Studio

Embark on a virtual journey through the meticulously crafted digital realm of Christina Marinos Designs Architectural Studio (CMD). Established in 2019, CMD was born from a visionary initiative to bridge the gap between the dreams of residential homeowners in Toronto and the reality of their living spaces. The mission: to make dream houses not just aspirational but affordable.

Our founder, Christina Marinos, recognized a need for budget-conscious designs and a personal connection between homeowners and architects. With this insight, CMD was conceived as a studio committed to creating spaces that resonate with the unique needs of each client. The design and development process of CMD’s website were a testament to this commitment.

In the world of web design, every pixel and every line of code were strategically placed to reflect CMD’s ethos of affordability and personalized architectural solutions. The user interface was meticulously crafted to guide visitors seamlessly through CMD’s portfolio, showcasing an array of projects spanning custom home designs, additions & addons, and renovations of varying scales. The website serves as a virtual gateway into the CMD architectural universe, offering an immersive experience that mirrors the thoughtful design approach adopted by the studio.

On the web development front, the CMD website is a digital fortress, engineered with precision to ensure optimal performance. Responsive design principles were implemented, making the site accessible across devices, from desktops to mobile platforms, reflecting the adaptability that CMD brings to architectural projects of diverse scopes.

CMD’s website is more than a digital portfolio; it’s an interactive platform that mirrors the studio’s commitment to merging Canadian living needs with global architectural inspirations. As CMD continues to carve its niche in the architectural landscape, the website stands as a testament to the studio’s dedication to making dream homes a tangible reality for homeowners in Toronto and beyond. Explore the digital blueprint of CMD – where dreams take shape.

Christina Marinos

Christina Marinos

Dan was an absolute pleasure to work with.
He just finished designing a website for my architectural firm and I couldn’t be happier. Throughout the process he was always responsive to my emails and always delivered the website updates on time.

I would recommend Dan’s services to anyone!!

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