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Client: LawStream
Skills: Design, Development, Maintenance,
Technology: WordPress
Field: Technology


The LawStream platform, crafted exclusively for the legal community, underwent a meticulous process of design and development to streamline the IT management for law firms with industry-leading security and collaboration tools. The creation of the LawStream website was a purposeful endeavor, prioritizing simplicity and functionality.

In the design phase, the focus was on delivering a user-friendly experience tailored to the unique needs of the legal profession. The website serves as a comprehensive resource, showcasing the powerful capabilities of the LawStream platform. The visual aesthetic was carefully curated to resonate with the professionalism and sophistication expected in the legal industry.

The development of the LawStream website adhered to modern standards, ensuring mobile responsiveness for optimal viewing on various devices. Built on a robust and high-performance framework, the website reflects the reliability synonymous with the LawStream platform. The architecture prioritizes speed and efficiency, providing users with a seamless browsing experience.

An essential component of the project was the incorporation of an easy-to-manage update system. This feature empowers the LawStream team to keep content current and relevant, adapting to the evolving needs of their audience and the legal community.

Beyond the website, the project encompassed the design and development of a newsletter platform. This addition allows LawStream to effortlessly engage with their client base, providing a direct channel for updates, announcements, and valuable insights. The newsletter platform enhances communication, fostering a stronger connection between LawStream and its users.

In summary, the LawStream website is a digital gateway that mirrors the innovation and efficiency of the platform it represents. From strategic design choices to robust development and seamless client communication tools, the website encapsulates the core values of LawStream, offering a sophisticated and user-centric online experience tailored for the legal community.

LawStream is a Streamline IT product, learn more about the work done in the studio creating the Streamline IT website.

Adrian Scutti

Adrian Scutti

Working with Dan was a pleasure. Not only did he meet the deadlines we set, he also ensured other parties including myself were meeting deadlines as well. I would recommend DM Design to anyone looking for website design.

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