Pointer Telelocation

Client: Pointer Telelocation
Skills: Design, Development, Maintenance, Multilingual,
Technology: WordPress
Field: Transportation


The creation of the Pointer website, focusing on advanced technology systems for vehicle fleets and safety, was a strategic and streamlined process aimed at presenting the company’s activities, products, and team members. Built on the WordPress system, the website ensures easy and efficient management of all company content including product information & brochures.

In the design phase, simplicity and functionality took center stage. The website serves as a comprehensive hub, offering visitors a clear insight into Pointer’s technological expertise. Visual elements were carefully crafted to align with the company’s innovative and sophisticated image in the vehicle technology sector.

Mobile responsiveness was a key consideration during development, ensuring that the website delivers an optimal viewing experience across devices. The robust and fast-performing framework employed underscores the reliability associated with Pointer’s technological solutions. The architecture prioritizes speed, providing visitors with a seamless and efficient browsing experience.

The site includes an automated translation platform utilized by weglot which translates the site on the fly using advanced AI algorithms. The client has editing control over the translations by adding translators, assigning tasks, collaborating with teammates and/or ordering professional translations within the Weglot project dashboard. Automatically created language subdomains or subdirectories, hreflang tag implementation, and translated metadata rank the translated pages on search engines thus improving the site’s SEO.

Integral to the project was the implementation of an update system that simplifies content management. This feature empowers Pointer’s team to easily update information, ensuring the website remains current and aligned with the company’s evolving activities.

In essence, the Pointer website stands as a digital showcase of the company’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and innovation. From design to development, the website encapsulates Pointer’s core values, offering a user-friendly, mobile-responsive platform that serves as an essential tool for communicating with clients and sharing vital information about the company’s activities.

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