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Contact Form 7 to Zapier
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Sending Leads from CF7 to Google Sheets with Zapier

Two great tools are often used within businesses for streamlining their process with clients:

  1. A website with a contact form
  2. Google Sheets

Recently I’ve been asked to connect leads from a contact form on a website to a Google Sheet.
This process is needed when an owner of a website wants to view all his leads within a Google Spreadsheet, he might want to share his leads with co-workers or project partners, but does not want to give them access to his website (where the leads can be stored), and would like all the data set up in an organized Google Sheet.

A Google Sheet is essentially an excel document in the cloud. If you have ever used Microsoft Excel, you will know how to use Google Sheets, and even if you never have used it, and want to start now, it’s pretty easy and straight-forward.

So how can we have all our leads which are submitted from our form in our website into a Google Sheet?
Short answer: Zapier.
Long answer: We use a 3rd party app, Zapier,  which knows how to connect between 2 other apps: the form on the website and the Google Sheet. We connect to Zapier with a plugin from our site, then, we log in to Zapier (Create a free account) and create the steps needed to connect our form to Google Sheets. And yes, we also create a new Google Sheet which will hold all our data.

So which forms do we use? 
When I create websites I usually do it with WordPress, and when I create a web form on the site I create it with Contact Form 7. It’s a very popular, reliable and easy to use form plugin.

Integrating the form with Google Sheets is done with a small plugin that knows how to connect the form to Zapier and from there Zapier sends the data to my Google Sheet.

This is whats going to happen:
1. Our site will send the data to Zapier
2. Zapier will send the data to our Google Sheet.

Contact Form 7 to Zapier


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