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Maintenance Plans

The importance of a monthly care plan for your WordPress site

Web sites are very large pieces of code written together to essentially create your web presence. The computer ecosystem is constantly evolving with new and better software solutions (the good) but also more sophisticated hackers and viruses (the bad). Your WordPress site is also made from thousands and thousands lines of code which need to be taken care of and updated constantly. If not, hackers and bots (robots) can exploit out of date software, attack your site, hijack it and use it as an environment to send out spam email, use your site’s resources and attack other sites, redirect your users to unwanted site on the web, or just take your site offline. You get the picture.

An ongoing care plan for your WordPress site

Core, Plugins and themes

That is why it’s so important to have an ongoing care plan for your WordPress site. A plan that constantly monitors and updates your site for new and updated software, making your website perform better, have a larger set of features and more secure. WordPress sites need updates for their core – this is the main software which runs your site. It’s usually updated every 2 months with performance, bug fixes and security. Your site’s theme is the way your site looks – colors, fonts, functionality. Depending on the author of your theme, it might get updated a few times a year with more features and more security enhancements. Plugins are independent pieces of software, designed by developers outside of WordPress. Plugins add another level of functionality to your website, for example: Contact form plugins, SEO plugins, page builders. They too get updated and it is very important to keep them secure so they play nice with the core updates as well.

Software and security measures

WordPress made it very accessible to perform updates by yourself, the site owner. But doing so can be time consuming and risky. To go through a successful update, you must be sure that all plugins, themes and WordPress itself can all play nicely together without any software conflicts. Having a professional developer take on this task will know what to do (and not to do) when updating your site. Before performing an update it is crucial to have an update of the site. This will be our insurance in case something goes wrong. Backups are also made on a daily basis (as part of the maintenance plan) incase something goes wrong with the site – we can always restore.

Keeping your WordPress site up to date including the themes and plugins will prevent your website from being vulnerable to malicious attacks while keeping your site online supporting your business.

This seems all like a lot of things to handle, true, WordPress maintenance is not the easiest of tasks.
If you are unsure about how to go with keeping your WordPress site updated please let me know. I offer WordPress maintenance care plans for your website in a variety of plans and budgets.


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